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Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook Address Book grabber is a client-side ActiveX control which enables a website users to import all of their contacts within Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express address book to that web sites by just one click. As ActiveX works in Internet Explorer only that's why a lot of users who is using non IE browsers does not gets benefited from ActiveX. That's why we have a similar desktop version which helps non IE user to import Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express address book to a web site.

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ActiveX $300 Download
Desktop version for non IE users

This ActiveX supports all versions of Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express Including Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. This ActiveX is built by using core C++, as a result this activeX does not have dependency on external program and size of this activeX is very low which is only 134 KB.

To run ActiveX on Windows 7 and Vista you must run Internet Explorer as administrator. This is the requirement of any ActiveX for Windows 7 and Vista. To run IE as Administrator please do as follows:

  1. Close Internet Explorer.

  2. Click the "Start" button, and choose "All Programs."

  3. Scroll the list of programs and search for Internet Explorer.

  4. Right click the Internet Explorer icon and choose "Run As Administrator."

  5. Click "Continue" in the User Account Control window to grant administrator access to Internet Explorer.

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