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  IM Invite Script  

IM Invite Script can Import buddies from different Instant Messengers allowing you to send an Instant message to all online buddies. Right now this script supports MSN, AIM and Yahoo Instant Messengers. Currently this script is available in PHP only. Soon, it will be available in JAVA and .Net. More information is available in our FAQ.

Version Supported IM Source Code Price  
PHP version MSN, Yahoo,GTalk, AIM, Facebook and Twitter Yes $600 Download

Products will be automatically assigned to your Improsys account and will be available for download with source codes as soon as you purchase a product through our website. Click here if you want to create a free Improsys account.

The PHP version requires a minimum of PHP 5 or later, CURL and MHASH library installed with openSSL Support. Please make sure you at least have PHP 5, CURL and MHASH Library installed before trying this script on your server.

For any custom web scraping projects in any programming language or for any web/iPhone/desktop based applications please contact us

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