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Photo Importer : Frequently Asked Questions

Here are brief explanations for some of the questions that you may have about Improsys :: Products :: Photo Importer Script.

Are the sources well documented?

Yes, source code is documented and very easy to understand.

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Is the PHP source code encrypted?

No, the PHP source code is not encrypted. You will get all the lines of code.

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How does Photo Importer works?

Facebook, Flickr and Picasa API was used to authenticate and get the image urls. Then PHP cURL was used to download Photos by using the Photo URLs provided by APIs.

After selecting photos when 'Import Photos' button gets clicked then all of selected photos urls is saved in MySQL database.

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How does it download images quickly ?

A user can select and import 500+ Photos by using this script. Saving 500+ Photos may take long time but this script does not keep user waiting to complete downloading photos, rather it send the download process to server side and download gets completed server side.

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Which Photos Photo Importer saves?

Photo Importer saves large and thumb version of image provided by supported image sharing web sites.

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Which information it saves for each Photos?

It save Photo Caption (if available), Album Name, Album ID and User ID of the photo owner for each Photo.

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Which Technologies is used to develop Photo Importer?

User Interface : Ajax/JQuery
Server Side Script: PHP
Database: MySQL

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What is the requirements for using Photo Importer Script?

  • PHP 4 or 5.
  • cURL 7.1 or higher (compiled with OpenSSL and zlib).
  • MySQL 4 or higher.

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How long I will have free update?

One year from the purchase date.

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Any known website using such product?

Yes, have a photo importer like our script but they support facebook and flickr only. also lets user set their paracalls profile photo from their facebook account.

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