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Web design and development Effective web design can communicate your business to the 100 million users who surf the net daily, looking for products, services, entertainment and information.

Software Development

Software development The Improsys team built offshore Software to meets the client's multi-dimensional technological requirements. our team are known for our ability to understand the client's business objectives.

Mobile application development

Mobile application development Now a days Mobile technology is the top development stage in today’s technology world and Improsys offer a unique expertise in Mobile Application Development.
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Detail Portfolios :

LAMP/PHP Projects

  • Contact Importer
  • Jilabi
  • RTCL
  • Dataposter
  • E-Commerce Dataposter
  • Mobclix scraper application
  • Smudgem(Facebook application)
  • Photo Importer(Facebook application)
  • Facebook wall poster
  • Property Poster
  • Sportsbook: Betting Odds parser
  • Rentcatcher: vacation rental search engine
  • Paracalls IM: multi-protocol web messenger
  • MPWIM: multi-protocol web messenger
  • RTCL Advanced Ticketing system
  • NithyaTV
  • LatinGirls4You
  • Joom Social Plugins
  • Perfvacation: vacation rental search engine

C# .Net Project

  • Contact Importer
  • Facebook wall poster
  • Dataposter

VC++ Project

  • Improsys Contact Uploader(ActivX).
  • Improsys Contact Grabber(Desktop)
  • Bafview Extention .

Java Project

  • Contact Importer
  • Dataposter

Other language Project

  • Musicsocial (Python & Turbo gear)
  • Enjoy (Python & Turbo gear)
  • Contact Importer(asp, Python, Cold Fusion, Perl)
  • Customize Zimbra Collaboration Suite (Using Zimbra Framework)
  • Marocactus (News scraping project in Ruby on rails)

Project Details

Contact Importer

Project name : Contact Importer
Technology used : php, .net, java, couldfusion, asp, python, perf, ruby
Description : Contact importer is a tool for grab contact information from popular web address book like yahoo, hotmail, gmail, AOL etc.

Data Poster

Project Name: E-Commerce Dataposter
Technology Used: PHP
Description: Product add post engine for various e-commerce site like craigslist, Amazon, eBay etc.

Project Name: Dataposter
Technology Used: PHP
Description: Dataposter is a tool that post data various social network and blog site like hi5, Myspace, Piczo, Xanga, LiveJournal, Blogger, Friendster, Tagged etc.

Scraper Application

Project Name: Mobclix scraper application
Technology Used: PHP, MYSQL
Description: It scrapping iphone and windows mobile application information from Apple stores and windows mobile application store, it maintains ranking of all application and shows the all user comments of a application, It also maintain all historical ranking information for all country store of Apple.

Facebook Application

Project Name: Smudgem
Technology Used: PHP, Mysql, C# (OpenCV), Flex/Actionscript 3
Description: Smudgem is a facebook application for smudged friends’ profile and album picture.

Project Name: Photo Importer
Technology Used: PHP, Mysql, Ajax, JQuery.
Description: Photo Importer is a Photo downloader web application for importing photos from Facebook, Picasa and Flickr.

iPhone webapps

Project Name: NithyaTV
Technology Used: PHP, Mysql, javascript
Duration: may be 2 months.
Description: It’s a webapps/website for iPhone & iPod touch for video sharing & info for Sri Nithya Nanda.

Social Networking Application

Project Name: Paracalls
Client: (Professionals Social Networking Application)
Technology Used: PHP, MySql, JavaScript, JQuery.
Duration: 2 years
Description: Paracalls is an online meeting place for professionals around the world. It's a professional network with the combination of social tools to find and to connect with the past and present colleagues and friends. Paracalls is designed to provide useful resources as much as possible to all professionals globally.

Project Name: LatinGirls4You
Technology Used: PHP, Mysql, CSS
Description:  Famous dating site of Latin America.

Project Name: PerfVacation
Technology Used: PHP, Mysql, jQuery, Ajax
Description:  Vacation rental search engine provides searching of vacation rental properties and filtering found properties based on specific criteria. It also provides bookmarking properties, emailing to property owners. It also provides google map facility for searching nearby locations. The backend scrapes parses property details from several vacation rental sites.

Project Name: SlideCities
Technology Used: PHP, Mysql, Smarty, Flash, Ajax
Description: Photo sharing site.

Online Audio, Video websites

Project Name: Jilabi
Technology Used: PHP, Mysql, Jquery, Smarty, Flash, Actionscript, Flash media server
Duration: More than 8 months.
Description: It’s an online video watch site. Here user can comment, rating or queue a video.

Project Name: NithyaTV
Technology Used: PHP, Mysql, Jquery, Smarty, Flash, Actionscript
Duration: 2 months.
Description: It’s an online audio & video sharing & community page for Sri Nithya Nanda.

Project Name: Musicsocial
Technology Used: Python, Framework Turbo gear
Description: Audio sharing site.

Project Name: Enjoy
Technology Used: Python, Framework Turbo gear
Description: Video sharing site.

Open Source project

Project Name:  Bafview Extension
Technology Used: VC++ 6.0, ADODB
Description: Bafview open source project which can parse a “*.pri” file and show data on the screen or write data on a text file. Bafview Extension is the extended version of the Bafview project which can store the parsed data ( from pri file ) in to a SQL SEVER 2005 database. This executable are using on the RTCL Desktop billing software and the RTCL billing web version to import the telecom data from the pri file to SQL SERVER 2005 database.

Project Name: JoomSocial Module

Technology Used: PHP, Mysql, Joomla, Jomsocial
Description: Joomla module of our product mpwim(multi protocol instant messenger).

Web IM and Video chat

Project Name: Web IM / MPWIM (Multi Protocol Instant Messenger)
Technology Used: PHP, Memchched, Mysql, Javascript, prototype.js
Description:  Web-based Instant messenger service collaborator platoform. Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk, AIM, Facebook chat in one site.

Project Name: Perflinks video chat
Technology Used: Flash, Flex, Actionscript
Description: Video chat web site.

Other Projects

Project Name: Betting Odds Parser and OddsLine Engine
Technology Used: PHP, Mysql, jQuery, Ajax
Description: a portal covering the world of online sportsbooks. Provides unbiased reviews and rankings of all the popular online sportsbooks to odds and injury reports of all the major sports like NFL, CFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA etc. It also provides Odds Lines from famous online books like, sports-1, 2BetDsi etc.

Project Name: Customize Zimbra Collaboration Suite
Technology Used: Zimbra Platform, DWT, Zimbra Ajax Tk
Description: Zimbra collaboration suite is an email and calendar server and much more. In addition to email and calendar, it provides document storage and editing, instant messaging.

Project Name: Marocactus
Technology Used: Ruby & Ruby on Rails, Mysql
Description: News Aggregator of Morocco on French language, that collect all daily news in one site from 10 news site & give users functionality to share & comment on news.

Project Name: RTCL

For Admin section

Technology Used: PHP, Mysql, MSSql, VC++ & C#
Description: VOIP Telecommunication Client management and reporting system and also a desktop software.

Project Name: RTCL Ticketing
Client: RTCL
For supper Admin

Project Name: Property poster
Technology Used: PHP
Description: Property add post engine for various Property add site like craigslist, Zillow, Trulia etc.

Project Name: Top auto insurances
Technology Used: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Jquery
Description: Meeting place for Auto Insurance related issues.

Project Name: Too tiny url
Technology Used: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Jquery
Description: Free URL Shortener site: Let visitors create short url from long url.

Project Name: Sales Solutions Australia
Technology Used: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Jquery

Project Name: Sales Solutions Australia
Technology Used: PHP, HTML, Jquery, Flash

Unique Improsys Product

Project Name: IM Invite Script
Technology Used: PHP, Mysql
Description: IM Invite Script can Import buddies from different Instant Messengers allowing you to send an Instant message to all online buddies. Right now this script supports MSN, AIM and Yahoo Instant Messengers. Version PHP only in JAVA and .Net

Project Name: Improsys Contact Uploader (ActivX)
Technology Used: VC++ 6.0, ATL
Description: This is an ActivX dll which can be used with a desktop software or a website to grab contact from the “MS Outlook” address book.

Project Name:  Improsys Contact Grabber (Desktop)
Technology Used: VC++ 6.0, MFC
Description: This is standalone desktop software which can grab contact from the “MS Outlook” address book, make an xml feed with those contact then copy that xml in to the clipboard.